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With over 500 clients, Mr Sharp is proud to sharpen for Sydney's best chefs.

Joel Sharpe has been sharpening my knives for a little over 10 years now and every time over the course of those years the result is the same. Sharp, clean edges and not a single detail missed.

Consistency, details and reliability are often the three attributes that a chef needs to have, to work with someone like Joel who shares all three of those things, it’s like having an extended part of your team
— Josh Nilard, Owner and Head Chef, Saint Peter, Sydney

Joel applies a Japanese like single minded focus to his craft, equally at home finessing Eastern and Western Blades, pairing his skill with exemplary customer service. I not only trust Joel as a trusted professional ally in this industry, but also as a long time mate.
— Todd Garrett, the fish butchery, Sydney

I’ve been a chef for 16 years and seen many mobile sharpeners. Joel from Mr Sharp does the best job by far!
— George Kahler, Head Chef, Lucios, Sydney