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supporting Restauranteurs

Mr Sharp Exchange provides Sydney restaurateurs with sharp knives all year round.

Business owners have complete control over the knives used in their kitchens. 

Our selection of colour coded handles will help you implement food safety best practices in your kitchen and reduce the risk of cross-contanimation.

Exchange offers exemplary customer service. You can trust us to arrive with your sharp knives every two to four weeks without having to follow up.


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streamline Your kitchen service

Our reliable, seamless service allows chefs to focus on preparing delicious food.

The kitchen is never slowed or interrupted while chefs wait to have their knives sharpened. We simply deliver a whole new set.

Your chef's blades are sharp 100% of the time. There is no need to coordinate sharpening for your team. 

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cost effective

Renting our knives is cost effective. Rather than replace damaged or worn out knives, simply exchange them for as little as $2 per week.